Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marie Antoinette Award

When I checked out Kim's blog, Art Dog's Life this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to find she gave me the "Marie Antoinette Award." As she posted in her blog, Marie represents a special woman who is willing to be heard, stands up for what she believes in, and is strong and outspoken. Not to mention she loved cake! I can totally relate to that!!! I met Kim last August at Valley Ridge Art Studio, where we had taken a workshop from Nina Bagley. We became friends there and shared a lot of laughs together, along with Julie, Kecia, and Amy. Kim has also been a guardian angel to me in the 'art world.' So I would like to thank you for the honor you bestowed upon me Kim, and I changed my blog music in your honor!!!!!


dogfaeriex5 said...

i have the biggest smile on my face as soon as i heard that sweet music starting up.....i miss you sweet girl and i replay those memories i have of our time at valley ridge..we rock....xoxo

kecia said...

you and kim are so Marie Antoniette! off to see what else you've been up to.