Monday, June 29, 2009

My Latest Disaster...

"So always look for the silver lining
And try to find the sunny side of life."
~ P. G. Wodehouse
This morning I woke up bright and early and let my little boyz, Popeye and Junior, out for their morning "pee". I then fed them, and went outside to sit on our deck, enjoying the peacefulness and beauty of the river. I have a number of bird feeders hanging out there, and love to watch the pretty birds come and go throughout the day. It's especially nice to see the orioles come to get their fill of the grape jelly I put out for them. Of course there's always the larger, pesky birds which like to swoop in and scare the pretty little finches away, but usually a rap on the patio door will be enough to send them flying away from the feeders for a while. When I came back inside, I baked 5 small loaves of homemade blueberry bread. It's a favorite of my daughter's, and when she knows I made a batch, she makes sure to stop by and take several loaves back home with her to enjoy later. I then started cooking up some chicken, to make some chicken noodle soup for later.
I've been working on a pair of matching pendants. My sister found yet a different army portrait of our dad, and we both decided it was our favorite pose of all. She was hoping that I would make her a simple pendant using the photograph, so I began working on it last week. While I was etching the metal, I decided to make two identical pendants ~ one for her, and the other for myself. I thought it would be something truly special for each of us...something only us sisters would have...which would be a wonderful remembrance of our very special dad. I finished the body of both pendants, but now have to fashion them both into neckpieces. So, to you MB, this is what I was working on for us...I know you check my blog regularly...I hope you like it!

My friend Kim was planning on spending the day with me in my studio, but she called to let me know she had a bunch of paperwork that she needed to work on for her upcoming art retreat this Fall. So we decided that we'll get together tomorrow instead.
While I was on my computer this morning, I heard a loud noise like something fell, so I went upstairs to see what it was. I didn't find anything out of the ordinary in the livingroom or the kitchen, so I decided to go upstairs just to see if there was anything that fell up there. What could possibly have fell up there??? Nobody was even up there.

This is what I found! Our bedroom has a walk-in closet. The long wall of the room has a pole which runs the length of it, with a shelf that was on top of the brackets. The opposite wall has a much smaller pole and shelf. Of course, I took possession of the larger area when we moved here, leaving the little token-side for Mike's clothes. My side was absolutely packed with jackets and other items...

Winter clothes... summer clothes...clothes that fit... clothes that used to fit...clothes that I don't wear, but don't want to part with...clothes that I spent a lot of money on but don't want to give to get the picture. And there it all was one big, pathetic heap on the floor. The weight of all my stuff took its toll on the poor brackets, and they ripped right out of the wall! I knew it wasn't a good situation in there for quite a while, but I didn't think this would happen! And these photos are taken after I had already taken out the shelf and some of the clothes!

Here's the board that I had mounds of 'stuff' on top's longer than what the picture shows. And that storage bag on top of it...that has about 15 pair of jeans that are too tight for me to even get over my thighs! So you know what I'll be up to now.............