Saturday, August 30, 2008


"At many points during our nation's history,
there have been times ~
known in our history textbooks as 'panics' ~
when adverse conditions affecting
the financial and economic sectors of the country
have caused individuals
to hoard more than they need."
- Jo Bonner

Ok, I'll admit it....I have a little problem. Well, maybe it's a tad bit more than a little problem...
I'm a Shopaholic....a compulsive buyer....a hoarder.....a get the picture.
I'm always on the 'hunt' for that special something... that thing that has 'the look'
as I love to call it. Some of the basic criteria that I look for is:
Old... Worn... Unique... Unusual...
has "The Look"... Wonderful Patina...
One-of-a-Kind piece... A piece that has potential... It's a good deal...
I don't know what it is, but it looks like it could be turned into something kewl...
Who knows when I'll ever find something like it again

This is generally my gauge for how badly I want it. If it falls into one of the above catagories, chances are that I'll end up bringing it home. And this is going to sound even more pathetic... in my warped mind, I can somehow manage to justify my purchases. Online shopping and Ebay have been wonderful and addictive places to find treasures, and I can do that anytime I want...during the night... even in my pajamas. These pictures are just a teensy, tiny sampling of some of the things that are hiding in the drawers of that old card cabinet that's in my studio. I know that I have been totally out-of- control with my buying habits, and perhaps that's why I seem to be baring my soul about how outrageous it's gotten. Maybe I need to form some sort of "Shop-Anon" group for people like me. I know I can't be the only artist out there who hoards and stockpiles their 'stashes' of supplies and found-object treasures.

I have now admitted to anyone reading my blog I have a major problem... Step 1 of my recovery.

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kecia said...

step 2 in your recovery is to invite friends over to go shopping in your stash!