Monday, October 10, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Afternoon at the Marsh

The weather has been so warm and sunny during the past week.  This really has been a beautiful Fall!  Yesterday afternoon, Mike and I went to the Sheboygan Marsh to enjoy the beautiful Fall colors before the trees lose their leaves.  This is the observation tower at the Marsh.  At 80 feet, it's the tallest observation tower in the state of Wisconsin.  Even though I'm afraid of heights, I had no problem climbing up the tower because the steps are all solid wood... you can't see through them.  I cannot climb up very high if I can look down at the ground below me through steps.  It makes my stomach do flip-flops and my legs turn to rubber!
The view from the top of the tower is spectacular!  You can see for miles and miles!  These are a few photographs I took while we were there.
I zoomed my camera in to take this picture.  I love how you can see the steeple of a church along with some farms that are nestled in among the beautiful fall colors.
And in this picture, you can get a better idea of what a breathtaking view you can see when you're on top of the tower.

Aren't the fall colors amazing??!!
A nice woman offered to take a picture of Mike and myself while we were at the top of the tower.  I'm glad we came here when we did, because I'm sure that by the upcoming weekend, many of the trees will be losing their leaves. The temperature is supposed to be a lot cooler too.

This was a wonderful way to spend our Sunday afternoon!!!

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