Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Latest Addition to the Family

"How much is that doggie in the window? (Bark! Bark!)
The one with the waggely tail
How much is the doggie in the window? (Bark! Bark!)
I do hope that doggie's for sale."
We've got a new member of the family, and his name is Oscar.  We really weren't planning on getting yet another dog to add to the mix, but it happened anyway.....
It actually happened about a month ago, when my friend Cindy called me.  She knew we had pugs, and knew of a 7 month-old male pug who needed a home.  Her co-worker was fostering him for a humane society which was an hour away from here, and because she was going on vacation for a few days, she really didn't want to have to take him back to the shelter.  Cindy knew how I love pugs, and thought that if we would be interested in having another little guy to add to the pack, perhaps I could contact the shelter and adopt him.  Unfortunately, I was also going to be out of town during that time, so I told her that I couldn't take him, but that I'd maybe be interested in adopting him once I was back home. 
I kind of brought up the subject to Mike before I left, but I really had my doubts that he'd want yet another pug in the house.  But to my surprise, he actually warmed up to the idea!  So, the following week I contacted the shelter to find out if I could possibly adopt the pug, but found out that he just got adopted, and was going to his new home that afternoon.  When I told Mike that we weren't going to be able to adopt him, he really felt rather let-down.  He really was looking forward to having another little pug running around the house.  What I didn't realize at the time, was that he really had his heart set on a young puppy.....
So I started searching the internet for pug puppies.  I just couldn't find any that were close to here.  Then I went on eBay Classifieds, and low and behold, there he was.....

He was only 8 weeks old and was the last one left from a litter of 4 fawn pugs.  And he was only an hour away from here!  I told Mike about him and warned him about what it's like to have a little puppy in the house... Chew, Chew, Chew, and Piddle, Piddle, Piddle.  But he wanted him anyways, so off I went to pick up the pup.

What a little sweetie!  He weighed just under 4 lbs., and was sooo cute and tiny!   He seemed to adjust to the new surroundings of our house easily, and quickly started playing, biting, and chasing after Popeye and Junior.  Popeye is really tolerant of Oscar always nipping at him and chasing around after him.  He actually acts like a papa pug to him.  Junior, on the other hand, is a different story.
Junior was always the 'baby' here, and he didn't take too kindly to the new kid on the block.  If he's on my lap and I have Oscar on my lap also, he'll jump right off if Oscar even touches him.  But I think he's slowly accepting the fact that Oscar is now part of the family too.

I found this little 'Bad Dog' costume when I was out shopping this past week.  I thought it was perfect for Oscar, since he's always either chewing on something, or doing a little piddle on the floor.  He's lucky he's so cute.....

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