Thursday, October 21, 2010

"BIG Links" with Thomas Mann

This past weekend, I attended Thomas Mann's "BIG Links" Workshop at Valley Ridge. We learned how to constuct and solder together heavy gauge wire and tubing to make some really cool links which can be used in jewelry.

Tom also showed us how to make links from acrylic sheet, and how to make and set large tube rivets into them.

On Saturday evening, we had a wonderful treat - Tom hosted a dinner party for all of us, and prepared a wonderful assortment of gourmet dishes!!!

The food was absolutely delicious!!! And the party was a lot of fun! Before each course was served, Tom told us what it was, what the ingredients were, and how he prepared it.

He also made 2 centerpieces for the dinner table. They were constructed with steel wire, and moved. (I won't say what the end of this centerpiece looked like to me, though...)

On Sunday, it was back to business to finish up our links and make them into a chain. Here's how mine turned out.

And here is a group shot of the class, all holding our finished chains.

And finally, here's a picture of Tom and myself.

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