Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My First Workshop of the Season

It was 'old home week' at Valley Ridge Art Studio this past weekend, where I attended my first workshop of the season. Stacey Webber, an amazing metalsmith, showed us how to form and solder shapes in her workshop entitled, "Spheres, Cones, and Cubes...Oh My!" A really cool bonus was that all the gals participating in the workshop were 'veterans' of Valley Ridge...we all have taken many workshops together in the past, and get along sooooo well together!!! We had such a great time, and learned a lot!

The first day of the workshop, I happened upon this cute little nest laying in the grass.

Although we had a lot of catching up to do with each other since the last time we were together, it was all business while we each worked on our projects.

Stacey is a pro at soldering! Here she is giving us a demo on now to solder our boxes.

So here goes...I'm beginning the soldering process on the multi-knuckled cylinder I formed.

At the end of day 3, I managed to complete 3 shapes. Before I left home for Valley Ridge, my husband challenged me to make a sphere. I love taking a challenge, so there was no way I was coming back home without one. I got it done on Sunday afternoon.

Surprise! I cut open the triangle, and soldered a lip around the inside of the top to create a little container. When it is closed, the cover stays firmly in place. I just didn't have the heart to cut apart the other two shapes to make them into little containers.
Ta-da!!! Here are our completed pieces!!! Yes, I hands are the dirtiest ones of the bunch!


Anonymous said...

If you are ever in Santa Fe, NM they have a website filled with New Mexican Artists Workshops including fiber arts,encaustic, and flute building.
Reminded me by your post.

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Looks like it was a great class!