Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Latest Neckpiece

"Art is the desire of man
to express himself,
to record the reactions of
his personality
to the world he lives in."
-Amy Lowell

This is the latest jewelry piece that I have made. It is a pendant comprised of a vintage lens shutter, an old speed regulator plate (from who-knows-what), a small antique key, some sort of plumbing part, an old photograph, and etched bronze sheet. It is suspended on a 5mm leather cord.
I have come to the realization that I need to start making pieces that don't have my old family photographs somehow incorporated into them. This way, I will be able to actually sell my work instead of keeping it. Not to mention earning some money to feed my found-object hoarding habit!
I am going to be making more pieces in the upcoming weeks, and also plan on opening up an etsy shoppe where my work will be available for purchase.


icandy... said...

This is amazing~ I love the look of steampunk!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW Sensational work

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Wow Jill, love it! Now I have Mark's cold/flu. Hopefully I will be over it soon. He has had it for 2 1/2 weeks :(

Christine Edwards said...

Spectacular if it would be anything less than that. You should definitely start an etsy shop. I really think you'd do so well.

Anonymous said...

That is stunning! Wow! The lens shutter is a wonderful component. I'm glad I have found you!