Monday, October 12, 2009

"Who's Your Dada?" Is Published!!!

"Who's Your Dada? - Redefining the Doll through Mixed Media" by Opie and Linda O'Brien is now available at or at your local Barnes and Noble Bookstore. And I am proud to be one of the guest artists featured in it.

Each artist that they invited to contribute to the book had to make an 'odd doll' - something created with objects that took on the form of a doll. And this is the piece that I made. It is called "Treasure"....

The piece began with a ring I made from precious metal clay, fired in a kiln, and topped with antique Bible text set in the bezel. For the body, I made another bezel from an old brass rosette and sterling silver bezel wire, and placed a photo of my great-grandmother inside, and set an old lens over it. The ring is secured behind that bezel, and is constructed so the ring can be taken off the piece and worn separately, if desired. The body is comprised of an antique victorian wall clip, part of an antique iron thumb latch and an old silver serving fork. I assembled the piece by doing extensive wire-wrapping techniques, using various gauges of iron wire. The chain is also hand-forged from iron wire, using an antique key for the clasp.

And this is how the piece looks without the ring attached.....

I am soooooo honored that Opie and Linda asked me to be a part of this wonderful book. It is jam-packed with techniques and examples, and all of the artwork is truly amazing!

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Regina said...

Jill, congrats on being included in the O'Briens' book! My son took their workshop last year at Artfest. I found your blog through Kim's Raevens Nest blog. I remember your work from a number of publications—awesome! I'm going to be teaching shoe painting at Artfest 2010. Look me up if you plan to attend. :-)