Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yes... This Is Me...(ugh!!!)

yes, this is me at my worst. i had my surgery this past wednesday and now starts the healing process. i am left-handed, so i feel really helpless. i can't even wear a normal shirt. i was having a lot of pain in my left shoulder for about the last 3 or 4 months, and cortisone shots weren't working. i had an mri done on it, and it showed my collarbone was irritating my ac joint, so the doctor trimmed away a little of my collarbone. when he was working on my shoulder, he found something he wasn't expecting. there was an unusual tear in my rotator cuff. it was torn lengthwise, right down the middle, so he stitched that up too. that's why it didn't show up on the mri. anyhow...i must now wear this huge contraption of a sling for he thought about a month. i will probably find out more specifics from him when i see him on monday, so he can change the thick dressing covering my shoulder. this sling is really bulky, and my arm is so restricted in it, that all i can do is wiggle my fingers. i can't even wear a shirt without pulling it over that arm, because it is also strapped around my waist.

here are several of the unflattering photos my husband took of the sling, i told him to only email them to my sister, but i think he emailed them to everyone in his address book. because when i would talk on the phone to people, they would say, yeah...he sent them to me. so i figured i might as well post them here too.
see how there's all that cushioning between my arm and my body? it sticks way out in front of me like a big cast. so, needless to say, i can't work on any art projects for a while, and that really sucks. it's even hard for me to type this, because i have to hunt-and-peck every letter. i'm signed up for some art workshops beginning labor day weekend, and i'm really hoping i'll be able to do them.


icandy... said...

Hoping that you are well on your way to full recovery!!! Get to feeling better!
Hugs, Christina :)

richard salley said...

love your work...and sorry you won't be making anything for awhile.

hope to meet you in Cedarburg...Richard

kecia said...

oh my goodness! you poor thing - those aren't easy things to deal with either; glad he found that tear and repaired it as they can really wreck havoc! speedy recovery

burntofferings said...

OMG... so sorry to see you like this. hurry and get better. oxo

Kim Rae Nugent said...

I think it is time for a new post!