Wednesday, December 3, 2008


"A lot of people like snow.
I find it to be an unnecessary
freezing of water."
- Carl Reiner

It snowed again today. I just came in from shoveling our wide driveway and sidewalk. It isn't something that I enjoy doing, either. Fortunately, my son Joe brought over his ATV with the plow blade on it last week for me to use again this Winter. It makes the job a lot more tolerable, but I still have to shovel by the garage doors and the sidewalk by hand. I'm sick of the snow already, and the season has just begun! Kim and I were planning on having a 'play day' today in my studio, but because of the weather, we just chatted on the phone for about an hour instead. We're shooting for next Monday to get together (weather permitting, of course).
Little Junior has been up to typical puggie naughtiness. He has made himself quite at home already, and is constantly tagging after his new big brother, Popeye. Mugsy, the eldest of the boyz, seems rather bored with their antics, and prefers to be laying around watching them, rather than chasing them.

(Junior is quite the little chewer!)
On just his second day living here, Junior found a book that was sitting by the fireplace, and began chewing on it. When I caught him with the book, I actually had to laugh, because the book he was chewing on was the "Dogfessions" book that Jessica gave to me when Otis had to be put down.
(Junior chewed the corner of my 'dogfessions' book up!)
The funniest part is where he chewed on the book...right under the words, "I didn't do it." I just had to take a picture of the book and put it in this post.
(Closeup of the chewed book)
I guess I better go back upstairs now and see what the three little angels are up to!!!

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kecia said...

now that's a classic "the dog chewed my homework" scenario! too cute!