Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends...

A friend will give you comfort
and hours on the phone.
A friend knows when you need a hug
or want to be left alone.
A friend knows when you need an ear
to just sit there and listen.
A friend helps you to calm your fears,
and cheers on your ambitions.
A friend can make you laugh out loud
even when there's no one around
A friend is someone who makes you proud
of the friend that you have found.
- Gina Marie Lauchner
When I started out on my artistic journey four years ago, I have been very blessed. I have made some wonderful friendships with very, very talented and caring individuals. These friends have stuck up for me when they feel I've been wronged, and have been so very supportive of me and my artwork. I am not going to name specific people individually in this post, but I'm sure they will know that I am referring to them when they read this.
I am very thankful and grateful to have friends like you, who continue to stay in contact with me, and who go 'above and beyond' when you feel I've been wronged in some way.
Thank you all, for your care and concern for me and my work!!! I am sooooooo grateful that you have all come into my life, and that you are all so supportive of me! You are all the best friends that I could ever ask for!!!!!!
Hugs to you all!


kecia said...

well, it is true - we all need free to watch out for us, guide us, real us in and support us. i'm glad your friends have been keeping an eye on you - and i'm glad that there's been a happy ending (well for the most part!) to the story at hand. i love that my art friends have got my back!

kecia said...

whoops - **need friends** is what i meant to type there instead of free!

Jen Crossley said...

I just found your amazing blog what wonderful pieces you have created.Art has helped me alot and I have made some wonderful friends along the way

dogfaeriex5 said...

amen sister...
we need to stick together like a pack of pups....i am always here for my art sisters..
love you......