Friday, September 19, 2008

Somerset "Workshop" Publication

"The object must act
powerfully on the imagination;
the artist's feeling
itself through the object
must make the object worthy
of interest;
it says only what it is
made to say."
- Henri Matisse
(The Good Eggs - L to R - My Mom, Uncle, Dad, and Grandma)
I can finally post some pictures of my artwork. It seems like everything I've been making is always for a publication, so then I'm not able to publish it. I received a phone call from Stampington & Company about a year and a half ago, asking me to be one of the artists' featured in "Workshop." The issue I'm featured in hits the newsstands on October 1.

(Surely You Jest! - Starring Otis, Mugsy, and Popeye, with Sophie as the Ushers)

I received my copy about a week and a half ago, so I thought it's time to post them on my blog.
They wanted me to do "Altered Images" for my portion of the publication. I came up with this technique a while back for one of my projects in "Inspirations" magazine. They really liked my style, so I came up with these for my projects and gallery.

(A close-up of the Boyz)

I used vintage family photographs, and jazzed them up with a little color and whimsy. For some of the pictures, I clipped out heads from family pictures, and pasted them over the existing heads in old CDV photographs. Examples of that are the picture of my sister and myself, my husband Mike and myself, and of course my 3 little "boyz"...the pugs.

(My Sister and Myself - The Evil Looking One!)

(My dad when he was 6 months old - He's 91 now)

(This is Mike and Myself)

My section is wayyyyyy in the back, and there is nothing of mine shown on the cover, so you probably wouldn't even know my artwork was in there unless you really looked through the magazine.

( This is My Grandma in the purple dress, with three of her friends)

They did use one of my pieces in their promotional advertisement for this upcoming issue in all of their other publications, though.

(The Picture I did for my Bio...with Otis, Popeye, and Mugsy)

So now I am busy working away on my charms and atc's for the upcoming swaps I'm participating in next month. Which, by the way, is quite unusual for me, because I am the queen of putting off working on anything until the very last minute.


Bernie Berlin said...

Love your stuff!!! But of course you already knew this:)

katy said...

i actually bought the somerset workshop based on the little advertisment that shows your art. first time i ever bought somerset workshop and pre-ordered even.