Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yes....I'm Still Alive!!!

I know I've been horrible at blogging lately! I had a major computer crash (again), but this time, I lost everything that I didn't have backed up. I lost my emails, lots of pictures, songs I downloaded from itunes, and who knows what else! Mike always told me to back my computer up, but I thought, "'ll be fine...I'll do it one of these days." Huge mistake!!! I should've listened to him. It happened shortly after my last post. I came down to my computer one morning to find I couldn't even boot the thing up! I just sat in disbelief...staring at the computer screen's cryptic message about failed harddrives. Anyhow, I am now back up and running again, and will make more of an effort to keep current with my blog.

On May 31st, Bernie Berlin, Kim Nugent, and myself had another 'Girl's Day Out." This time we met at a little cafe in downtown Cedarburg. I've got to back up and tell this rather eerie story that leads up to this. The day before we were going to meet, I decided to go shopping in Milwaukee. One of my stops was 'Barnes & Noble.' I like to look through all the arty magazines to see what's new. So as I was sitting there flipping through "Haute Handbags," I came across these really cool purses that are made of clear vinyl with clear pockets on each side which you can put ATC's. I remembered that my sister had talked about them a while back and was interested in getting one. I looked through the article, and found the website for the purses. So I rummaged through my purse and found an old envelope in there to jot the website down. I shoved it back in my purse and continued shopping. On the way home, I found it was getting close to suppertime, so I called my husband to see if he'd like me to pick up something from Cosa. He said sure, and then told me that Bernie had called while I was gone to let me know where we were going to be meeting tomorrow. So I called Bernie. She told me where we were going to be meeting, and what time to be there. Then she told me that 2 other gals were going to be joining us...Mary Welsh and Erin Mueller...the gals from 'PURSuE your Art'. I almost fainted!!! They are the ones who make those very purses that I was looking at in the magazine and jotted their website down!!!! Is that weird, or what???!!!

(Bernie , Me, Mary, Debbie, Kim, and Erin)

We had a nice lunch and sat outside in the back of the cafe, since it was such a beautiful day. After we were finished, we posed for a group shot. The gal in the middle is Debbie, a friend of Bernie's. She usually stays with Debbie when she comes up here from Tennessee.
After our lunch, we checked out a few shops in Cedarburg, and parted ways with Mary, Erin, and Debbie. We went on to Milwaukee to check out an art supply store, and ended up buying a bunch of supplies to play with. After a few stops at Mayfair Mall, we enjoyed a late dinner at P.F. Chang's, and headed back home. It is so much fun to get together with Bernie and Kim. We have such a good time, and we do a lot of laughing!!
This past Sunday, my daughter Jessica graduated from high school. I can't believe my little girl is all grown up. Where does the time go??? The commencement was held in the gym instead of outdoors because of the horrible weather we've been having. Is this rain ever going to end???

(Jessica and Me Before the Commencement)

Fortunately, the weather held out until later in the afternoon, so people could mingle outside of the school after the ceremony. We had a nice party for her afterwards with about 40 people...mostly relatives. Of course when the party was starting to wind down, severe weather started again, so it became a mad scramble to get everything at the hall cleaned up, packed up and loaded up so we could try to get home before the rain started pouring.

(Jessica's Graduation Day - June 8, 2008)

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