Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Pugs

Don't look at my pugs and think they're ugly
Because of their squashed-in face.
It's just one thing that makes them perfect,
In every single way.
You may find their snorting disturbing,
Their snoring just as bad.
But I'll tell you this for nothing,
They're the best dogs you could have.

If you were to see them, I know you'd feel the same.

To look into those big bog eyes, They'll ease away your pain.

I'll tell you why I love them, 'Cause when I'm feeling down,

They're loyal, trusting and happy, And they're always around.

You'll never know the pleasure, When needing loving hugs,

They always come a waddlin'

My wrinkly little pugs.

- Sam Greatorex

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